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Variable dimensions 


July 2016

This installation is mimicking the decorative piece of plaster moulding usually placed around joints between wall and ceiling. It is  bringing an intriguing question about decoration and function into play.

In this work, human fingers have been drawing the space around in an attempt 'feel' the space.

'On unseen knees'

Kinesiology tape (wall drawing) 

50cm x 24cm 

A drawing that creates a language, a symbol, using kinesiology tape and the pattern to tie an injured knee. My main interest is that kinesiology tape works only as a placebo effect for athletes.  



3,75m x 2m x 2m 

September 2015

'High Jump'

Steel, PVC 

4m x 2,50m x 0,50m

December 2014

A re-make of a ready made object made from memory. 



January 2015

fabric, wood, steel, cable ties, elastic cords

This work is inspired by theatre and the ancient greek comedy 'Birds' by Aristophanes. 



April 2014 

Variable dimensions

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