'Staring (the) Cat' (iPhone)

Video Projection (2,5m x 2,5m)/ 4,15 min

January 2016

This is a large scale video projection of a portrait of a cat. It is a comment on home videos of pets being viewed on the internet. For me, this connects with human emotions and how they are projected on pets. The film was shot using an iPhone. 

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Video Projection 

February 2016 


A part of a series of video collages using youtube videos and free green screen footages of animals.

I am interested in Shipping and global trading and how developed countries distribute essentials around the world. 


In progress


After the financial crisis started in Greece, Athens has developed into one of the centers of Fine Arts in Europe.

Especially Street Art in the center of Athens is one of the most representative examples of how a crisis gives the city new aesthetics.  On this building, a graffiti of the head of an owl has become rather famous in Athens and it inspired me to make a video which is still in progress.